About me

I have been specializing in 3D animation for 6 years, focusing specifically on home exteriors and landscape designs.  After working with one of the most prestigious residential landscape architecture firms in the Bay Area, I quickly learned that utilizing 3D animations to show clients the design is an invaluable tool.  It helps get clients excited about the project and understand certain elements far better than a traditional plan.  Over the years I have learned certain “tricks of the trade” to better develop the animations to truly make them a cinematic experience.  Clients want to enjoy the design process, and showing the animation in a dramatic fashion greatly enhances the experience.  


Why choose us?

There are hundreds of rendering firms out there, but there are key differences that set DCG Drafting apart:


While some companies boast years of rendering experience, not many of them have field experience.  Often times when building a model, it is from the ground up.  Without having a working knowledge of how things are built, numerous things can get lost or misinterpreted.  I have over 8 years of Landscape Construction experience and have worked on several multi-million dollar projects throughout the Bay Area.  Several of the projects I worked on were award winning installations in the State of California.  I am able to use my construction experience to build the model correctly.  That means less questions for you on how to build things and an easier line of communication when explaining technical elements.   I also have experience in high end residential Landscape Architecture with projects ranging from $300,000 to $7,000,000.  This experience helps me understand the design intent and interpret the design appropriately.  



Many rendering firms outsource overseas.  This may appealing because of the low upfront cost of the rendering; however, from past experience I have learned that not only does the process take longer, in the end it is actually more expensive.  When outsourcing, the local firm has to send things to another country to do the work.  This means that revisions take at least 24 hours to make.  Even simple revisions will need to be sent over and sent back.  This could add large amounts of time that could impact a schedule as well as cost.  Because there is a third party, things can get lost in translation.  This means items can get missed and would need to be corrected the following day because it would need to be sent back.  I am local and do not outsource.  I can turn revisions around quickly and communicate with you in person at a time convenient to you to make sure your requests are understood and implemented quickly.  



I do all the rendering work myself and have a very limited overhead cost.  This means I am able to keep my pricing competitive.  I have also noticed that many firms charge by the second for their animations.  The programs that I use are able to generate animations very easily and I do not charge by the second for the rendering.  Please contact me for further information on pricing.